Best Wooden Dog Crates 2020 [Buying Guide]

Best Wooden Dog Crates 2020 [Buying Guide]

Wood dog crates are an elegant method to give your family pet a space of her own in your home. They are more aesthetically attractive– removing that “jail” feel of the common wire frame cage. You can even buy them to match your furnishings and, certainly, lots of function as tables.

However wood pet crates aren’t simply a charming addition to your space’s design. Some new business are even utilizing the sound-reducing properties of wood to create crates to assist puppies with anxiety issues.

Whatever your reason for buying a wood cage, we are here to assist you make a well-informed decision. In this short article, we will consider whether a wood crate is a great match for you and your pet and includes to watch out for in a wooden crate. Then, we’ll suggest a few of our favorites!

Is My Dog Well-Suited to a Wooden Crate?

These attractive yet practical cages are a temptation for almost any canine owner. Yet, they are not a terrific match for every canine. Think about these aspects prior to dropping the cash on a wood pet crate:

– Does your pet dog chew? Among the main factors individuals buy wooden canine crates is to look much better in their home. However, the dog cage will not look great or be effective if your puppy is chewing through the bars.

– Is your dog high-energy? Some wooden pet dog crates can manage a high-energy pet, however not all. They tend not to be rather as a strong as their metal equivalents. If your pet dog is energetic, make sure that owners with pet dogs of a similar disposition give it the alright.

– Do you have a big or huge pooch? Regrettably, most wood pet crates are developed for smaller sized pets. If your canine is over 90 pounds, you most likely won’t have the ability to find a wooden dog crate that will fit him.

– Is your pup ended up growing? We have found one wood dog cage that takes your canine’s development into account. Nevertheless, in basic, you might want to avoid up until your puppy is completely grown. A teething young puppy and a costly wooden dog crate he might soon grow out of might not be an excellent combination.

– Is your dog anxious? Wooden crates differ considerably in how effective they are for a worried pet. Models that can be deconstructed quickly will likely be a poor fit. On the other hand, there are wood canine crates that make the most of the sound-dampening residential or commercial property of wood to address your animal’s anxiety head on.

What to Look for in a Wooden Crate

Purchasing a wood dog crate is a little various than purchasing your common wire-frame crate. You will want to take the following into account:

Style. Is this a piece that will match your regular furnishings and be functional in your home? While mainly cosmetic, this is necessary to think about given that it is the factor the majority of people decide to go for a wooden crate.

Style. Does the shape of the cage fit your pet’s needs? For instance, some pups like to be able to see the important things around them while they remain in their crate, while this makes other animals anxious. Some pets like to move around in their dog crate, while others like the security of a smaller space. You can also pick in between open top and closed leading designs, depending upon how much of a jumper your pup is.

Wood product. Is the product made with strong wood or is it made of fibreboard with wood veneer? Solid wood will last longer and is of generally better quality, but it runs at a steeper rate.

Toughness. Because many wood dog crates function as tables, you will want to think of whether or not it can stand up to your pet’s energy and while likewise supplying a surface area for your books and publications.

Best 5 Wooden Dog Crates

We’ve detailed listed below our 5 top choices for finest wood pet cages– have others in mind? Let us understand in the comments your own favorites.

1. Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate

About: Merry Products specializes in wooden furniture with a special emphasis on indoor and outdoor family pet products. The affordably-priced configurable family pet cage is created to be an attractive piece of living room furnishings which takes place to house your dog!

The cage is likewise functional: not only does it function as an end table, it can be deconstructed and utilized as an indoor dog gate.


Sizes: This gate is available in two sizes: medium (interior measurements of 29″ x19″ x22.8″) and large (interior dimensions of 36.4″ x24.5″ x31.1″). The big is good for a dog of about 65 pounds.

Functions: This dog crate has a wood veneer frame with metal bars spaced about 1.5 inches apart to keep your animal from going out. It’s very easy to build and deconstruct without using any tools.

Particularly, there is a hinge pin that assists keep the walls in place after you adjust them and the heavy table leading uses its weight to stay in place. This suggests that, while the table top is not screwed in location, it is easy for the owner to handle and off.

There is also an easy-to-clean plastic tray that sits on the flooring as security from your puppy’s accidents.


Reviewers were extremely pleased with the appearance and performance of the dog crate; not only did it make a room look better, it helped get rid of clutter by serving as a table and a space for the household animal simultaneously. Many customers likewise highlighted how simple it was to put the crate together. Due to the fact that it’s so simple to take apart and stores flat, one reviewer also mentioned it is an excellent dog crate to take a trip with. Most significantly, a lot of canines, and especially smaller pets, delighted in the dog crate.


The biggest problem about this dog crate was that it was simple to escape from, particularly for larger, high-energy dogs. Nevertheless, the crate appears to work very well with smaller pets. One customer likewise pointed out that, for a dog larger, more excitable dog, the crate is most likely intended to complement– not replace– the durable kennel cage that you keep your puppy in while you go to work for the day. The crate might not be a fantastic choice for pups since the wood veneer can be messed up with chewing.

2. Zoovilla Medium Slide Aside Crate and End Table

About: Zoovilla is a brand name popular for their adorable pet furniture, and this competitively-priced crate is no exception.

Like the Merry Products cage, this dog crate does double-duty as an end table. While it can not be deconstructed easily, the Zoovilla cage sticks out for its aesthetically-pleasing, durable design.


Size: This cage can just be acquired in one size, approximately equivalent to a medium in other crates. It’s full measurements are 35.4″ Dx21.6″ Wx23.5″ H. The interior sleeping space has to do with 32″ x17.75″.

Features: This dog crate can be found in both black and white. The sides of the cage consist of a frame made with medium-density fibreboard covered by a wood veneer, a wood horizontal assistance, and strong metal bars.

The door of the crate is retractable, so you don’t have to worry about a door awkwardly swinging open and shut in your living room. This dog crate likewise includes a wood floor and a table top that can hold up to 300 pounds. Assembly requires tightening a few screws, but the end-result is a strong, appealing crate for your living space.


Many owners enjoyed with the appearance of the cage in their house. This dog crate also appears to withstand chewing better than some other similar items since of the heavy metal bars and horizontal assistance in the walls. A number of owners also pointed out that the retractable door was very hassle-free. The cage likewise seemed to provide security and comfort for puppies.


This cage only can be found in one size that is truly suggested for a small or medium-sized pet. As a result, you must measure your pup carefully prior to acquiring this dog crate. Numerous reviewers likewise discussed the instructions on how to assemble the cage were doing not have in information; nonetheless, many owners felt that putting it together was somewhat user-friendly. Even with the poor directions, assembly only took about 30 minutes.

3. Richell Expandable Pet Crate

About: Richell is a reputable Japanese pet product and housewares company which intends to offer customers with top quality, useful, and trendy items, like the expandable pet crate.

It’s distinct for its ability to adjust in length from 37 inches to 62 inches, making this moderately-priced cage an especially great choice for a growing pup.


Sizes: This dog crate can be found in two sizes: little (24.6″ wide and 24″ tall) and medium (32.1″ wide and 28″ high). Both crates expand from 37 to 62 inches.

The little is suggested for pups less than 26.4 pounds while the medium is for pet dogs approximately 44 pounds.

Features: The Richell has a more solid wood frame than other items as it is made from rubberwood– an environmentally-friendly wood– instead of fibreboard and wood veneer.

Like other products, it has wire bars that are spaced about 1.4 inches apart.

The crate features a plastic floor tray that expands with the dog crate and can be cleaned up quickly. You likewise have the alternative of buying a wire top for the dog crate or divider to separate the bathroom area from the rest of your pet’s cage area (both offered individually).

The dog crate includes two wire doors. One slides open and is your pet’s entrance and exit. The other folds down and is suggested to provide you simple access to your animal’s food, water, and doggy pads.


Numerous owners commented that this is a good-looking, well-crafted cage that provides your pup her own tiny home in your home. A few owners bought it to deal with bathroom problems with their puppy– whether their pet was a pup that still needed training or an older pet that could no longer hold it through the night– and were pleased. Some owners likewise liked the open-top style; it enabled them to easily select their pet dog up from the dog crate. For owners that didn’t like the open-top style, the company offers the option of buying a wire top.


The most typical problem about this crate was the difficulty of initially putting it together. Other commenters kept in mind that it is likewise not easy to broaden the crate since it requires tools. This is not likely to be a major issue, nevertheless, given that most owners will not require to alter the size of the dog crate often. A couple of owners likewise had problems with the flooring of the cage, one keeping in mind that it was unequal and another stating that it leaked fluids. To prevent this, a young puppy pad can be used to line the floor.

4. Orvis Wooden End Table Crate

About: Orvis is an enduring Vermont company with a strong commitment to pet dogs and ecological conservation. Their wood end table dog crate comes with a high cost, however also the quality to back it up.

Unlike other items evaluated, this item is made completely of wood, lending it an included air of beauty.


Sizes: This crate is available in medium (24″ x25″ x31″ for pet dogs approximately 44 pounds) and big (29.5″ x30″ x41.5″ for canines approximately 88 pounds).

Functions: The Orvis pet cage is made of solid wood with a stain-resistant finish so that you don’t have to fret about destroying the wood of crate with liquids.

There are wooden slats on all 4 sides that are created to give your puppy a little air and an area to see the world pass from the convenience of his crate. The slats run the complete height of the door, while they account for just half the height of the other 3 sides of the crate.

The door swings completely open and can be kept open by attaching it to a lock on the side of the crate. The bottom of the tray is made up of a plastic tray that is easy to remove and tidy.


This wooden crate is sound, with one reviewer commenting that it easily held in her bigger pet even when he was feeling a bit rowdy. Consumers were also extremely pleased with the appearance of the cage, keeping in mind that it quickly harmonize their other furniture. The door lock also appeared to make sure that it did not needlessly overload the living space. Dogs liked it and, to top everything of, nearly all buyers reported that this cage was easy to assemble.


This product has actually not been evaluated much on Amazon, although there are a variety of reviews on other siteswhich make us feel confident to suggest it. The most typical issue was that this cage would not benefit chewers, particularly because it is made from solid wood and could be destroyed with bite marks. Another customer mentioned that the bottom of the crate is not made of wood and consists only of the plastic tray. Nevertheless, not all clients see this as a fault with the item.

5. ZenCrate Smart Anxiety Relief Pet Crate

About: ZenCrate is a new business with a mission to assist owners with distressed pups. Among the founders has a pet was a serious worry of thunderstorms and fireworks that was solved after he started utilizing this dog crate created particularly for him.

This crate features top-of-the-line products and innovation, which is certainly shown in the rate. However, if your dog struggles with stress and anxiety, this dog crate is a method to deal with that concern without canine anxiety medications.

Sizes: This crate comes in only one size, created for pets approximately 90 pounds. It determines 26.25 inches high and large and 38.75 inches deep.

Features: This dog crate is made up of strong wood that dampens noises so that your pet can get away scary sounds like thunder and fireworks. There is a fan on the interior which supplies ventilation and white noise.

To even more help de-stress your dog, you can even download a free anti-anxiety playlist to play for your puppy inside his dog crate. In case that thunderstorm gets the power, there is likewise a backup battery to ensure that whatever keeps running.

There are likewise a number of items that can be acquired alongside the crate, consisting of a water resistant memory foam bed mattress, an HD wifi cam to monitor your animal when you’re not around, and a door insert to keep your pup in the dog crate (all sold individually). The cage is available in either a natural or espresso finish.


Clients who bought this dog crate were impressed by the quality. It is not just of strong construction, but it likewise consists of a great deal of high-end devices that can help relieve your pup’s anxiety as well as your parental nerves. Most significantly, this cage appears to be extremely effective at soothing pets. All owners who have evaluated the product thus far are satisfied in this regard.


This is a brand-new product with couple of customer reviews, although individuals who have actually evaluated it have actually been pleased and report that it genuinely helps pooches with anxiety problems. This dog crate is likewise really pricey, without a doubt the most expensive reviewed here, and the devices do not come cheap either. While the cost might be expensive to some puppy moms and dads, for those with a little additional to invest, it could be a good investment, particularly if you live in a location with regular thunderstorms. It must likewise be noted that the expense of stress and anxiety medications accumulates in time, and the cage does not featured any unwanted adverse effects.

Have you ever purchased a wooden pet dog crate? Why did you buy it? Which dog crate did you buy?Let us understand in the remarks listed below!

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